Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey Mr. Panda.

I ordered food from Panda before I left work tonight. Shrimp fried rice & shrimp with chinese veggies. All the way home, I was grateful it was dark so nobody could see the drool pooling on my lower lip. It smelled like a slice of heaven.

Once home, I dish up my trough.. erm.. plate and settle in at the desk/computer. Because everyone knows that surfing the net while eating makes the food tastier. Mid-way through the feeding frenzy, I look down and study my dinner.

Fried rice. Check. Shrimp. Check. Chinese veggies - where the hell are they? Leeks? That's it. Leeks.

I get pissy.

I make a mental note to self: The next time I order from Panda, ask the little chinaman to throw in some baby corn, peapods, a fucking broccoli floret or two. I'm good for it, Hung So Low.


Nyxmyst said...

Leeks are.. umm.. good for you. Yeah, that's it. *blinks innocently*

Maelstrom said...

You aren't the only one that's noticed that frequently if chinese food claims it has vegetables it is likely to be 1 kind and in sparing amounts.

That's why I'll typically avoid chinese dishes I'm not familiar with and anything with a sauce called Cream of Sum Yung Gai.