Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Kiss.

So, Cora tagged me for this “I Should Have Been A Stripper” award and now that I have it posted.. look over there on the right, hot huh?? (thanks, Diane, for telling me how to dooo ittt)

The rules are that I have to tell y'all seven personality traits I possess which have been evidenced on my blog. But, after looking over my blog, I could only think of two that pretty much sum it up.

1. I'm a redneck girl and this picture illustrates my lifelong dreams:

But without that Chuckie looking heathen in the cart. And maybe without the black eye. Because P. Mama would kick Big Daddy's ass up around his shoulders if he ruined the cute with a shiner.

2. I love my kids. And they love each other..

Okay, with that done, I wanted to say..

I was gone for months and truly wanted to come back to blogging but sadly, I just don't have the time to do it with any regularity. I never seem to be able to sit here and keep up with all of my fave bloggers.. and you know who you are, I have all of you listed on the right! Nor do I have time to write as I would like to.

It's come to this place that I think so many people have where I try to push too much into every day, multi-tasking like mad until I'm stressed, exhausted and feel like nothing is really as good as it could be because it only got a small portion of time and attention.

Thanks for all the great reads and so much laughter. I've enjoyed getting to know you in your blogs.

Take care, everyone! And here is me, blowing y'all a kiss goodbye..


Sass said...

Hugs to you my friend.

And I totally understand where you're coming from.

And I wish you nothing but the best.

And anonymous sucks.


mochajavalatte said...

SO sad to see you go but I wish you mad joy :)

otherworldlyone said...

Aw, I'll miss you around here. Thanks for the laughs, P-Mama. All the best to you and your family.

Heather said...

But but but... I just found you.

I wish you the best!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I hope you come back to grace us with your presence if/when your life calms down. I missed ya!

diane said...

I almost missed this post because I've been sick, and now you're leaving!
Life goes on, and if this isn't what works for you, or what makes you the happiest, then go where life takes you.
Bye bye baby girl. You can't tell, but I'm sending you my very best, biggest hug.

Nej said...

I 100% know what you mean. I'm trying to get caught up on some blogging and posting myself. Wish you the best!! You're always welcome to pop in for a blog visit whenever you want. :-)